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IVF news

IVF News-Frozen embryos may be better than fresh

4th September 2012
Results of a large scale analysis of IVF pregnancies has suggested that outcomes may be better when frozen embryos are used. Fertility doctors are calling for a debate into whether frozen embroys should be used for most IVF
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Five millionth 'test tube baby' BBC News 2 July 2012

''Five million "test tube babies" have now been born around the world, according to research presented at a conference of fertility experts. Delegates hailed it as a "remarkable milestone" for fertility treatments.''
By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BBC News
Visit BBC news page for more on this remarkable milestone

IVF: Embryo chromosomes test 'increases success rate' BBC News health 4th May 2012

''A test which checks if an embryo contains the right amount of genetic information could dramatically improve the effectiveness of IVF, a UK biotech company says. IVF can have a low success rate, particularly with older women.
A study, published in the journal Molecular Cytogenetics, suggests that extra genetic screening increases the pregnancy rate by 65%. Cambridgeshire biotech company Blue Gnome has developed the test. The findings were described as "very exciting" by experts.
For women under 35, about of third of IVF cycles result in a baby. That figure drops to one in five by a woman's late 30s and about one in 20 by her mid-40s. Each cycle can cost thousands of pounds.''
Article by By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BBC News
Read the full story at BBC health news

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