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Ovulation Tests

We stock a huge range of ovulation prediction test kits, ovulation prediction microscopes & basal body temperature thermometers for predicting & identifying ovulation. brands that we stock include Clearblue, Advanced, Fertile Focus & ISIS & lots more.

What is an ovulation predictor test kit ?

An ovulation predictor gives you advance notice that you are going to ovulate by measuring a hormone in your urine called Luteinising hormone (LH for short) This hormone peaks just prior to ovulation and is the trigger to the ovary to release the egg. By identifyiong this peak in the LH each month also known as the LH surge we can identify the most fertile time in a womens cycle. Having advance notice that ovulation will occur means that you can have sex just prior to ovulation as well as at ovulation increasing the chances of conception. ie the sperm are already in the womens fallopian tubes when the egg is released. As the window for conception is quite small each month this increases the odds of a successful fertilisation occuring.

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Click here to see our full range of ovulation predictor test kits & ovulation tests, including Clearblue digital ovulation, ovulation test strips , ovulation microscopes & basal body temperature thermometers

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